Hurricane Search For Software Development

Real time searching enhances individual and team productivity when working on new projects, maintaining established programs, and searching technical documents. When using this utility, developers will enjoy the efficiency of the searching algorithm as well as many more features, including the conveniently designed interface and powerful syntax highlighting.
Standard Edition

The industry standard in searching providing a fast and flexible search to find data stored in text files on computer hard drives and CD's.
Professional Edition

This edition builds off of the industry standard in searching and allows the user to search in more file types including: Binary, Archived (ZIP and Java JAR), Microsoft Word, and Adobe PDF files. Please feel free to click the download button to start a 15-day trial version today.

Hurricane Search - Software Development

  • Exclude/Include Multiple Directories*
    Select any number of directories to optionally include or exclude.

  • Word and PDF Searching*
    Hurricane Search has the power to search your technical documents and product manuals from one convenient environment.

  • Now Integrated with more than 30 IDE's and Editors
    Seamless integration with .NET, Developer Studio, JBuilder, Delphi, C++ Builder, UltraEdit, SlickEdit, Multi-Edit, and many more

  • Powerful New User Interface
    Enhances the way you work. Minimized keystrokes = maximized productivity.

  • Extended Regular Expression Support
    Hurricane Search now supports additional control characters, newline, grouping, logical OR, whitespace tags, alpha tags, and digit expressions.

  • Archive and Binary Searching*
    Search .zip and .jar files, as well as any binary files.

  • Projects*
    Hurricane Search project support allows you to organize save important search criteria on a project by project basis.
* features of Professional Edition
Intuitive interface designed to
make searching fast and easy

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Standard Edition
Professional Edition

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